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In this section, self-extracting setups of some Games are available for download. All these Games are made in C++ using Turbo C++ 3.0 Compiler. Just download the file and install the Game like normal programs and enjoy it. You can get the source code of these Games in the Games:Source Code Section.

Select one of the Games listed below:
MTS Brick Game
Word Power 2001
Word Power 2002
Road Runner
Up & Down
Life Saver
The Games with Mouse Support may not run properly if Mouse is not detected on your system or it is unavailable. Also if your Mouse is not supported by DOS, then the Game will not work in DOS Mode.
MTS Brick Game
This is a master piece of MTS's programming. This Game is comprising of three sub-games:
(a) Tetris
(b) Columns
(c) Road Runner

To learn How to play this game, read the "Read Me.doc" file present in the installation directory.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 225KB | Download
This game has exclusive graphical interface. You can't get better graphical interfaced than this in C++ programming language. Just answer the fifteen questions in a row and became a CROREPATI i.e. Millionaire.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 201KB | Download
Word Power 2001
This is also a very interesting game. It can be very useful to test and improve one's Vocabulary and knowledge of English.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 218KB | Download
Word Power 2002
This is a revised eddition of "Word Power 2001", a very interesting game. It can be very useful to test and improve one's Vocabulary of English. Its graphics are better than that of the last version.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 221KB | Download
This is a famous game "Tic-Tac-Toe". It has two playing modes:
(a) Player VS Computer
(b) Player_1 VS Player_2

In option (a) you have to play with the computer. You can't beat the computer. In the option (b) you can play with one of your friend. It is also good example of graphics.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 195KB | Download
This game is a part of MTS Brick Game (3 in 1). This game is normally found in small toys like mobiles. I take the idea of making it from that and at last succeeded in making it. Its graphics are very good and is a good game too.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 209KB | Download
This game is a part of MTS Brick Game (3 in 1). The graphics of this game are similar to Tetris but its features are totally different from that. Try it to feel the difference.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 208KB | Download
Road Runner
This game is also a part of MTS Brick Game (3 in 1). I also took the idea of this game from a mobile game. It is very simple game. Just try it.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 209KB | Download
This is a very interesting game with exclusive graphical interface. It will tests the sharpness of your mind. I took this idea from a vedio game. I hope you will like it very much.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 217KB | Download
Up & Down
This is a game with a nice graphical interface. It is similar to a game 'Snake and Ladder'. It is an automated game i.e the player will play it against the computer.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 223KB | Download
This is a game with a graphical interface very similar to the Windows Win32 Interface. This game is almost same as the Windows Minesweeper. You cannot find better than this specially for DOS Mode.
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 227KB | Download
Life Saver
I have developed this game on one of my friend's request. This game is developed by using the MTS IconLib [version 1.0] for display icons. I hope that you will certainly enjoy this game. Try it!
  OS: DOS, Windows | Size: 206KB | Download
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