MTS ..... Muhammad Tahir Shahzad, B.C.S Honours [ 2000-04 ], G.C. University Lahore formerly Government College Lahore, Pakistan. All the Programs, Projects and Games in C++, C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java and Assembly Language are written by MTS. This new interface of the web site is exclusively designed by MTS. This web site is uploaded on two servers at the same time. The url "" is a redirection url of [ ] and the url "" is a redirection url of [ ]. Please send your Comments and Suggestions about the website to MTS at
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Welcome to MTS-HOME. This web site contains source codes of many C++ Programs and Projects on General Topics and related to some subjects like Data Structures, Numerical Analysis, Computer Graphics, Compiler Construction, Algorithms and System Programming. In addition to this, some very interesting Games and some very useful libraries like Mouse Handling, GUI's and Image (Bmp, Gif, Pcx, Ico, Cur) Loading and Saving are also available here.

Alongwith C++, some Programs & Projects of C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, Visual Prolog and Assembly Language are also available here.
These files, to the best of my knowledge, bear coincidences to other files only through some freakish mishap of cosmic circumstance. Furthermore, these files do not blow up, infect, corrupt, implode, or cause any other damage to any of the components of my system, and I am completely unresponsible for any damage brought upon any users of these files.

These files are FREEWARE and may therefore be distributed freely, but just give me credit for it.
All the C & C++ Programs are implemented in Turbo C++ 3.0. However I hope that they will run fine on Borland C/C++ 3.1. The Visual C++ & Visual Basic Projects are implemented in Visual Studio 2000 Enterprise Edition. Java Programs are implemented in JavaTM 2 SDK, Standard Edition Version 1.3.0. Visual Prolog Programs & Projects are tested in Visual Prolog 5.2 (Personal Edition) and the Assembly Language Programs are tested in TASM comes inBorland C/C++ 3.1.
once Again, MTS-HOME has been updated.

Use MTS GUI's and other Image Libraries to make your C++ Programs and Projects attractive and user friendly.

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